Monday, March 28, 2011


Sandwich Bread
Brown Bread
1 packet
Capsicum 1 cup (cut lengthwise)
Carrot 1 cup (cut like julienne)
Cabbage1 cup (shredded)
Garlic Flakes6 (cut lengthwise)
Mushrooms (optional)1/2 cup (shredded)
Pepper Powder1 to 1.5 tsp
Onions2 (sliced)
Tomato Sauce1 cup
Cheese (grated)1 cup
Pizza Cheese1 cup (shredded)
Oil1 tbsp
salt to taste

  • Wash and shredded all the vegetables like julienne or as like listed above.
  • Combine both the cheeses and keep aside.
  • Heat tbsp of oil in heavy bottomed pan. 
  • Add garlic and saute it for few second's. Then add all veggies and saute it for 2-3minutes. (Do not overcook the veggies it should remain crunchy)
  • Finally add 1tbsp tomato sauce, salt and pepper powder. Mix nicely and off the flame.
  • Apply tomato sauce on one side of bread.
  • On top of that spread some good amount of cooked veggie's. 
  • Sprinkle some cheese evenly over the bread.
  • Bake it in conventional oven till cheese melts at 350 F heat.
  • Healthy bread pizza is ready to serve.

* If you don't have a oven, microwave it for minute to 90 second's or till cheese melts.
* Cooking on stove top. Heat heavy bottomed pan and spread some butter. Place 4 slices at a time. Cover and turn the flame to low. Cook till cheese melts. Make sure bread is not burning at the bottom.


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