Sunday, June 25, 2017

Veg French Toast

Bread (spencers golden crust)
8 slices
1/4th cup finely chopped
2 tbsps finely chopped
Tomato (bangalore brid)
1 (remove pulp and chop finely)
Seasoning ( dry)
Salt to taste
Pepper powder 1 tsp
Oregano 1 tsp
Red chilly flakes ½  tsp
Seasoning (wet) Tomato sauce
Tomato sauce 1 tbsp
Soy sauce
Soy sauce 1 tsp
Vinegar 1 tsp
Milk and cornstarch
In ¼ th cup milk mix tsp of corn flour without lumps.
Oil and butter (melted)
As required

  • In a toaster or on a pan dry roast the bread slices. Do not burn or over roasted.

  • In a mixing bowl. Mix, capsicum, onions, tomatoes, both wet and dry seasonings. And, milk & cornstarch. Whisk well till all the ingredients are nicely mixed.

  • Heat a pan moderately. Grease little oil or drizzle.
  • Dip each slice and place immediately on the pan and spread veggies evenly, using spoon or fingers.

  • Allow to cook on medium heat for few minutes. Flip gently and add tsp of butter on all the sides.

  • Cook both the sides and serve hot with tomato sauce or ketchup.

It's good and filling toast for both breakfast and snack.

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