Tuesday, December 7, 2010


                        Sweet chutney can be used for all types of chaat such as bhel puri, sev puri, ragda patties, kachori, samosa and any other type of chaat.

Pitted dates200 g
Jaggery3 tbsp
Cumin seeds powder1 tsp
Saltto taste
Pepper powder (or) Red chilly powder2 tsp
Amchoor3 tsp
Rock salt1 tsp

  • Soak pitted dates for sometime in water (or) microwave for 2 minutes with little water.
  • Blend into fine paste.
  • Add remaining ingredients and blend it for couple of minutes.
  • Store this chutney in a clean air tight container and refrigerate.
  • Before serving take sweet chutney paste and water equal amounts. Adjust sugar/ jaggery and salt. Mix well and serve.
  • NOTE
  • Adjust all the ingredients according to your desired taste.
  • Jaggery can substitute with granule sugar. But remember, sugar is more sweeter than jaggery. 
  • Amchoor can be substituted with thick tamarind pulp. 

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