Saturday, August 14, 2010


Pine apple slices 1 can
Heavy whipping creamhalf pint (236ml)
Condensed milk (milk maid)8ozs (I used fat free condensed milk)
Sugar 2-3tbsp (can add more according to taste)
Gelatine powder (unflavored)1 envelop
Pineapple/ Vanilla essence2 drops
Apple 1
Grapes1/2 cup

  • Drain the pineapple juice from the can and reserve the juice. Chop 5 pineapple slices, peeled apple, banana, grapes and strawberries. Soak all the chopped fruits in pineapple juice for 2-3hrs. Before using them, drain the juice.
  • In 1/2cup warm water mix gelatine powder. 
  • In a mixing bowl pour heavy whipping cream, sugar, condensed milk, essence  and gelatine water. Whisk till all the ingredients are properly mixed.  

        • Line up baking cups on a tray or plate and put a good amount of fruits mixture in cups or you can also use wide glass pan 8in x 8in /bowl and spread the fruit mixture as layer.
        • Now pour whipping cream mixture on top of the fruit mixture and cover with foil.
        • Freeze it in freezer for one hour and then transfer it to middle refrigerator.
        • Yummy and tasty mousse is  ready to serve.
        • Before serving, top with one tsp of Maraschino Cherries syrup and cherry. This step is optional.


        1. great value!!!! great taste!!!!!!!!!!!!

        2. great caption!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Thanks Shruthi

        3. Hey r u?this ia all time favorite dessert for our family..I'm making today again...thx for the recipe:-)


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